Marilyn’s values, experiences and spirituality reflect in her art; she is a multi-media artist with a strong passion for the natural environment. When not working on location she uses her photography as means of notation to trigger her memories, sensations and imagination so that she may revisit her ephemeral experience of nature with paint. Each of her landscape paintings refers to a particular environment, yet they are unidentifiable.

Her brush strokes are expressive and her colour choices do not represent reality. Instead, she works from a personal vision of how she perceives it. In her work, she paints with bold, vivid colours in a layering technique to create a vibration and luminosity. She explores a sensorial perception of nature through her painting process creating a mood through abstraction that retains a representation of the natural environment.

Marilyn has exhibited her work on Vancouver Island, BC at the Comox Airport, Muir Gallery, Comox Valley Art Gallery, in private collections, restaurants and internationally in Dubai, UAE commercial galleries. She plans to continue to showcase her work throughout Canada and abroad.

She invites you to visit her website gallery, which includes chosen drawings and paintings from the past to present.

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